Want to join a great team? We offer many incentives: Simple IRA retirement plan, discounted food, med bonus, PTO, and cash tips.


We've changed our loyalty rewards a little. We've also added a Tremont #loyalty shirt as a reward. Check it out and see how you can save.


Order online and download the app to always have online access. Call the store if you need help setting up an account 542-8017

Since 1978… We have been making homemade sauces and dough to give you a real Italian pizzeria experience. We believe that good food should be as fresh as possible, that is why we continue to make everything at Tremont as fresh as possible!


Haven't been to Tremont House of Pizza yet? Come enjoy good food, family friendly environment and a part of your local community for over 20 years plus. Don't take our word for it though, read our customer testimonials HERE!