The Nick Pizza for the month of



We sold 147 NICK Pizzas for the month of October. That is $232.84 raised that went to gas cards for patients of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center (NCCC)! We have decided to continue with this cause, by selling Nick Pizza Tremont hoodies for the month of November. 100% will go towards more gas cards. See our Hoodies page for more information!


When we first introduced the Nick Pizza 3 years ago, we had a goal of giving back to CHAD, who was such a big help for the Coombs family, for their son Nick. Back in September of 2016 20% of sales of the Nick pizza  was donated to CHAD in honor of Nick. That was $1,579!

October is breast cancer awareness month. We all know & love someone who’s been affected by this horrible cancer. Sadly, the Coombs family has also been affected by it, for a 2nd time. 

For the month of October we are donating 10% of sales of the Nick pizza towards gas cards for patients of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center (NCCC). This is a high need for those suffering with cancer who have to travel back and forth for treatments. 

Our goal was reached in 2016 of 500 Nick pizzas sold for the month. Let’s beat that number in honor of Jenilou and the many others who are affected by cancer. Together we can make a difference!