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Tremont House Of Pizza
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 23 reviews
 by Patty
Great food, friendly staff, and reasonable prices

I have been going here for years and highly recommend Tremont House of Pizza. Their food is excellent and the staff is very friendly and accommodating. They even offer a senior discount and a rewards plan.

 by Will Parker
Fantastic please read entirely!!

Ok so if this ends up long i apologize. But coming from someone who has
Eaten food in 37 countries BESIDES the US and Canada, and I have eaten
Local cuisine in all but 19 states, the food here is all around fantastic.
With every other place I have eaten and you can see it has been many,
They each had strengths and weaknesses, even other good restaurants in this area. But there is NOTHING on their menu here at Tremont that I have ordered and it has never been less than superb.

 by Joe

Have been eating Tremont food for over 30 years. Definitely some of the best food around. Great staff and the owner is hands on and friendly.

 by John Kelley
Amazing Crew

Been going to Tremont for years. Will continue to always do business with you! Great food, reasonable prices, amazing crew with great attitudes!

 by Phillip

I have lived in Claremont for about 12 years, I have only had one issue in that time frame and it was met with a speedy fix and without hesitation. The prices are great, the food is great, the delivery drivers are probably the nicest I have met and remember customers well. I have called so much for ordering that they know what I get and it's a great feeling to know that I am remembered just by my address. The only thing that would make the place better would be adding Gyros to the menu.

 by LisaW
Only 2 Issues

My family and I have been going to Tremont for over 10 years and we order at least 2 times a week, and have only had 2 issues with them. I would say those are pretty good odds food is always great, hot,reasonably priced, customer service is great. The place is always clean and very family orientated. If you have not tried them yet I say give them a shot. I doubt you will be disappointed

 by Pete
Consistently good for years and years and years

It's a Greek style pizza and sub shop. It's a GREAT Greek style pizza and sub shop! Since I moved to Claremont in 2004, I've been a regular customer and I think I've tried everything on the menu. The food and service is consistently good. Is it gourmet? Of course not! Is it delicious? Of course!

Become a rewards member; it's worth it. Order the deep fried mushrooms; they're worth it. Get the family size and have leftovers; it's all worth it.

What are they missing? Giros. Not sure why, but that would be the icing on the cake.

 by Dan Edwards

Your delivery radius is to small! You are a small business in a small town! You wont deliver out Chestnut St or Elm St but you do deliver to Roberts Hill which is 3.3 miles from your business, my house is 3.3 miles from your business my mothers house is 3.4 miles from your business. Im sure your delivery people can make it I see them speeding around town all day!

 by Tim
Website not working

This is not a review just the problem I'm having with online ordering I type in my work address and I can only check the box that says pickup will not let me pick delivery even though when I call I can't get delivery me and my co-workers order more than twice a week I would like to use your point system other than that everything I've ever gotten from here is great. 

 by Fred
Great Food

We love their pizza! We get a family size pizza with the cheezy bread sticks. They are fast, friendly and are reasonably priced.

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