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Great Food

We love their pizza! We get a family size pizza with the cheezy bread sticks. They are fast, friendly and are reasonably priced.

by Iris57classic on Tremont House Of Pizza

Best pizza in town ( Our faves: meat pizza, buffalo chicken pizza and Greek pizza) They are courteous, usually fairly fast (not counting snowstorms) and have great delivery drivers! We have eaten at the restaurant, but our usual is to call for delivery!

by Rhonda E on Tremont House Of Pizza

I love the calzones best in town. The rest of the Menu is great too. A must try for anyone who loves, cal-zones, pizza, and subs.

by Cynthia P on Tremont House Of Pizza

They are fast, so pleasant, and the place is clean, tables are far enough apart that the neighbor's kids neighbor's pilling their drinks on you. Very pleasant staff. Owner give generous portions. They actually deliver to Claremont Christian Academy where I work, and the kids love it. Tastes great always hot.

Their pizza is very good and the menu is varied. I have never ordered anything that I have not liked. Their salads are very good and they have lunch specials that are very well priced. Service is friendly and fast. You can either eat in, take out or have it delivered. We have used all services at different times. Our favorite local pizza place.

by Jennifer on Tremont House Of Pizza

I ordered a pizza from Tremont's delivery. We got a cheese and pepperoni pizza. The food was very good and they had excellent service. I would recommend Tremont House of Pizza.

I have ordered pizza, cal-zones, fries, grinders, chef salads, and my favorite grilled chicken sandwiches. The food was Excellent.Tremont has excellent Service. Yes, I would recommend Tremont House of Pizza. My daughter and her family come up from Ct. and they always order the cal-zones.  They state they are the best cal-zones ever, nothing like that in Ct.  We have ordered from your place since you opened.  Best pizza and etc place in town.

I get carry out from Tremont once a week. Pizza and Calzone are good, not the best but good for the price. Free 2L soda if you spend $35. Great fries. They also have a military discount.

by By Me 🙂 on Tremont House Of Pizza

I absolutely love this place! They have the best prices, the most caring staff, and their food rocks! They by FAR outdo any other pizza place around!! I especially like the atmosphere while dining in....check it out. But beware...they are really hopping at lunch and on Friday nights!

by Brenda P on Tremont House Of Pizza

They have pretty good pizza. I have only ordered from them a couple of time, but they are good. I didn't like that I had to wait a long time for food when I ordered and waited for it. There isn't enough parking.

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