The Nick Pizza

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The Nick is a Pesto, Chicken, Tomato, Spinach Pizza that Nick made right here at Tremont. The Pesto is made locally from Vegetaball’s Farm in Claremont, NH.

Nick has been a CHaD kid since he was just one year old. Born premature and weighing only 2lbs, 6oz, Nick proved his strong will to live as he battled to get stronger . Nick has a rare genetic disorder that causes seizures as well as heart, bone and growth issues.

On October 18, 2013 while driving home, Nick suffered a grand mal seizure which resulted in a broken left femur. We were transported to DHMC and had 2 femur operations. As a way to recognize his amazing spirit and will to continue to overcome his many challenges we created Team Nick. In 2014 we broke the record for the biggest team ever in CHaD history and also raised over $62,000!

Last year, after several surgeries to help Nick’s legs heal, NICK CROSSED THE FINISH LINE ON HIS OWN! I couldn’t be more proud! Our goal is to make this years CHaD HERO the biggest and best yet! Please consider joining Team Nick and help us honor all the heroes at CHaD!

We promise you will feel the love and inspiration of our hero Nick….

Thank you for supporting our fundraising  and being a HERO for the kids at CHaD.